Around Here

I am sitting at the computer today. There is a bearded collie snoring loudly on the bed next to me. Yesterday I counted he slept for 22 hours – waking up only to go on his walk and to play with the puppy for about half an hour. He couldn’t even be coaxed out to go for a second walk in the afternoon, taking one sniff at the rain and heading back to the sofa.

I can empathise. Normally an outdoorsy sort of family, it feels like we haven’t left the house in weeks. Even calls for normally exciting adventures are met with replies of “But we just want to stay home!” and tears.  I get it. I may have cried a couple of tears the other morning when I was out doing chores and I realised the hole in my wellies were bigger than I thought and a large amount of muck leaked in. Joanne tells me that the UK average was only 36 hours of sunshine all month. I believe it. 

However, all of the pent up energy isn’t going to waste, deciding finally to spend some time decorating the house and sorting out many of the jobs we just haven’t done since we moved in – arranging book cases, cleaning out the laundry room, sorting mountains of school-related paperwork (I am registering Theo for school next month! Eeep!!!) and generally just being home. 

Even though we have lived here 2 years, I still catch myself being so overwhelmed with gratitude that we found this place.  That we are able to live here, so see these views to have these neighbours, to be able to hold early morning kitchen dance parties with our only fear being whether or not the game keeper will be out feeding the pheasants and watching my (really embarrassing) dance moves. Home is so good, so I am OK not to go out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to take a nap with a bearded collie. Have a lovely weekend!